Learning Is Rewarding!

We aim to make you more confident, competent, and enable you to get your job done more effectively, so you can feel better, be appreciated for your work, and hopefully have more time doing other things in life that you love.

Office 2013

The latest version of Microsoft Office is now available.  We have the training apps that can quickly get you up to speed.

Our training tutorials consist of short 5 - 25 minute videos focused on one topic.

Printouts are included so you can print & review easily


Windows 8

All our Office 2013 learning apps are designed especially to work well on Windows 8 computers and tablets.

 You will find them on the Windows 8 Apps Store.

Your Learning Is Our Focus

R & R Interactive is dedicated to creating quality learning apps for your computer or tablet. 

Most of us use Microsoft Office software at work sometime or another so R and R Interactive Ltd have created downloadable apps for your Windows 8 PC or tablet to get you up to speed quickly, and give you more confidence and professionalism.

Learning is Fun with our Apps

Our tutorials apps are to empower you, give you the confidence you need and show you how to more effectively use the tools you have at work and at home.

How We Do It

 We use short to the point video tutorials that in a friendly manner show you how to use various functions & features of Microsoft Office suite of software,

After the videos we provide a printout showing each the step of the process, so you can have this beside you while you work.  These are great for review, great reminders, almost as good as the tutorials themselves!

Each app takes you through the video tutorials in easy steps from one level of understanding to the next level.  Before you know it you'll be an expert.

Microsoft Office Learning Apps

Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013

Please Note:

Many of the above titles are still in production.  For a full list of currently available tutorial apps see our Apps page